Ilias has been working as a mixing engineer, arranger, multi-instrument session player, in various music albums and OST's, since 2009. From indiependant productions, to big budget films.


Some of the most notable:

Notias: Recording and Mix engineer and session player

Iftarlik Gazoz: Recording and Mix engineer and session player

Obscuro Barocco: 2md Mix engineer for Post-Prod/Sound Design

1968: (Recording and Mix engineer and session player)

Pontos Documenter: (Recording, Mix and Mastering engineer)


Chanson Francais La javanaise

Orestis Kalampalikis & Cybelle Castoriadis: (Mix and Mastering engineer)

Genre: Contemporary Tango Contragolpe – Fleurs Noirs: (Mix engineer)

Contemporary Songs Tzitzikia – Katerina Foteinaki: Mix engineer)

Pop-World: Iliofaneia – George Perris & Evanthia Reboutsika: (Mix engineer)


The Neighbors Music Project: (Recording and Mix engineer)